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Ayurvedic Treatment Obesity Management Program Package

Unhealthy food is the bane of modern day life. That coupled with a sedentary life that is so common nowadays adds to the accumulation of fat and the accompanying illnesses that come with it. Weight loss is the only way out. What happens if the condition is neglectedis that it manifests in the form of hypertension, diabetes, poor self esteem, osteoporosis and so much more. At Advait Ayurved, you will go through a specific treatment to ensure that the excess fat is reduced and the metabolism is corrected. The body channels get cleared with our therapies and you will get a renewedboostofenergy.

For weight loss, we have specific treatment with adeepdry massage using herbal powders and pastes. We will also give synchronized massage with specific oils and steam bath which will help loosen the accumulated fat. This along with a specially designed diet and regular walking will help reduce weight.

Our weight loss treatment packages are designed to give an individual total well being. Our combination of therapies, treatments, medicines and counseling will keep you motivated through out the course of treatment. Here you will get the solution for life time if you follow certain lifestyle and disciplines.

Benefits of Obesity Management Program

  • 5-7 kg weight loss in one month
  • Energetic feeling
  • Effective life style changes makes life happier
  • Customised advised for different category and the irregular life and workstyle
  • No weight fluctuations after completing the course
  • Other diseases treatment can runs imultaneously during this course
  • No need for excessive control on food
  • No need of surgery
  • Prevention from complication of obesity without any side effect
  • More convenientan dless invasive procedures


  • Detailed lifestyle consultation, dietary & exercise consultation
  • Panchkarma for detoxification & metabolism improvisation
  • Medicines charges
  • For 1 month

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of living a healthy life. Meet experts at Advait Ayurved for your healthy and happy tomorrow.