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Ayurvedic Lekhan Basti Treatment

Advait Ayurveda offers you solutions to many of your physical and mental problems that seem chronic and everlasting. That is why today Ayurvedic therapies have become so trendy and one of the highly praised therapy for Obesity is Lekhan Basti Therapy.

Obesity is a burning problem in today’s techno-friendly generation. This deases with its complications like Hyperlipidaemia, Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, and Degenerative Heart Disease is a major cause of mortality and Morbidity in the world. Many choose natural ways of weight loss instead of bariatric surgery. Panchakarma is always a ray of hope in such type of cases. So the Lekhana Basti is the best cure and plays the best role in the case of Obesity.

Obesity is the only deases which is gaining more and more attention of scientists at a global level. Many institutions and Medical schools are making efforts to find a perfect remedy for this burning problem. It is the precursor to coronary heart deasess, high Blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus, Osteoarthritis, infertility& impotence, as well as psychological disorders like stress, anxiety, depression etc., which have been recognized as the leading deasess of the millennium.

The word Lekhana itself indicates its action means – “Lekhanaam Patlikaranam”(scarifying helps in reducing fat). Thus Lekhana is nothing but a process of emaciation. Lekhana is a process of drying up or desiccation of all excess Dosha, Dhatu, and Mala(excess fat tissue and other supportive structures of bad fat). That means the drug which clarifies the protoplasmic contents of tissue cells and thus gradually clears the system of its deranged constituents is known as Lekhana. Basti.

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