Ayurvedic Spondylitis Treatment

Ayurvedic Spondylitis Treatment

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Ayurvedic Spondylitis Treatment

Cervical spondylosis is caused by degeneration of bones, discs – cartilage cushion between the neck bones and joints of the neck. This condition is usually found in middle aged people and elderly. It is a wear and tear disease. Neck pain, stiffness, headache, numbness, etc. This is one of the diseases wherein Ayurvedic treatment has very good promise.

The neck bone structure consists of bones stacked one over the other with sandwitch of disc cartilage in between. The triangular – circular aperture within these neck bones (cervical bones) paves way for the nerves from the brain to pass through. The branches of these nerves (nerve roots) arising from through the back and sides of these bones form plexus (merge and divide) and form different nerves. This complex arrangement of nerves is called cervical plexus. These nerves spread on the sides to supply to neck, face, back of the head, ears, shoulder and the full length of the arms.

The degenerating discs also become flat with brittle edge causing nerve irritation. Nerve irritation leads to symptoms like pain, numbness etc. The stiffness arises because of lack of cushioning between the neck bones, causing a friction whenever neck is moved.

With ageing, the bones and the cushioning cartilage disc start to lose strength. This makes the soft cartilage to thin, expand, slip (called herniation of disc), touch and irritate the nerves.

This condition is also called Cervical osteo arthritis. Another term Cervical spondylitis is used, when the patient has active inflammation (redness, swelling, increase of temperature etc).

It is more commonly found in males of middle age group. People who are under exertion, frequent travellers can end up with trauma on neck bones, leading to spondylosis. Bad posture is another strong etiological factor which results in the stiffness due to spondylosis.

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