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Ayurvedic PCOD-PCOS Treatment

Now a days, periods problems are the most common complaints. Irregular periods are very common. Diet & Lifestyle changes are the most common factor for this.


It is a hormonal disorder, that has so many signs and symptoms which cause problems with the menstrual cycle as well as in appearance too. In this, Ovaries become larger in size and have so many cysts in them.

So, what are the symptoms?

  • Irregular periods
  • Facial hair growth
  • Weight Gain / Loss
  • Acne
  • Hair fall
  • Digestive issues
  • Insomnia
  • Stress / Anxiety


  • In this, more than 10 cysts are in the ovaries.
  • It is slightly difficult to reverse this condition.
  • It leads to FERTILITY ISSUES.

Now we must go with an AYURVEDIC POINT OF VIEW.

In KASHYAP SAMHITA, there is a description of PUSHPGHNI JATHARINI.

JATHARINI is a group of diseases that attacks women at different stages of life and also their fetuses, neonates, and children.

The most important cause for this is – ADHARMA. Which can be correlated with lifestyle changes nowadays.

पुष्पघ्नी (PUSHPAGHNI) :

वृथा पुष्पं तु या नारी यथाकालं प्रपश्यति |

स्थूललोमशगण्डा व पुष्पघ्नी ||

The lady which has menstruation cycles but remains infertile or has anovulation. Obese and also have hairy faces.

This is a lifestyle disorder. so it can’t be cured is a myth. We can manage it through Diet & Lifestyle changes. PCOD/PCOS is not complete infertility but one can have still pregnancy.

So what to do if you are diagnosed with PCOD / PCOS?

  • Have a well-balanced diet
  • Change unhealthy eating habits
  • Do some exercise
  • Reduce or gain weight as per your condition
  • Always track your menstruation dates
  • Analyze your menstruation cycle
  • Take proper sleep
  • Reduce stress

And also always connect with your doctor.

Everyone’s PCOD journey is different. If someone’s condition is reversed in 6 months, you can have that may be in 2-3 months or 1-2 years. It depends on your condition and the changes you have made for the treatment.

So don’t compare your healing journey with PCOD.


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