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Ayurvedic Swedana Treatment

Swedana is a process to induce sweating artificially in a patient who had already undergone Snehana,etc.The heat is generated directly (saagni) or indirectly (niragni).Swedana liquifies the doshas,clears the obstruction of channels of circulation and directs the doshasto selective places from where they can be expelled easily.

A dry or wet method of sweating is called swedana.It may be full body steam therapy.Special herb decided on the basis of nature and intensity of doshas are fused into the steam and together the heat and herbs dilate the channels allowing the stored ama (toxins) to move back into the digestive system.in swedana the body is made to perspire to loosen and excrete the toxins.by this method as next is to remove toxins from the body through panchakarma(sodhana therapy).

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