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Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapy Package

According to Ayurveda we gather toxins everyday, these disrupt the balance in the doshas. Advait Ayurveda has developed a detoxification therapywhich helps the body expunge harmful radicals. During detoxification, several therapies such as Synchronized massage. Various Ayurveda treatments helps the body to lubricate body channels and loosen the toxins accumulated in body. These are then eliminated using ayurvedic, herbal enemas. This detox therapy is recommended to prevent diseases,cure digestive problems, manage life-style disorders and feel mentally and physically lighter.

Detoxification therapies helps in up lifting health by whole body cleansing. Detoxification therapies plays vital role in balancing all the essential doshas of the body .It rejuvenates once body and gift an individual with total well being of mind, body and soul.

Benefitsof Detoxification Therapy

  • Roots of stress are controlled
  • Person is motivated to utilise strength rather than be ingafraid of competition or pressures
  • Energetic feeling
  • Mind and body balance leads towards happy life style
  • Effective lifestyle changes makes life happier
  • Customized advise for different category and the irregular life and work style
  • Other diseases treatment can run simultaneously during this course
  • Prevention from complications of hidden diseases due to stress
  • Without any side effect
  • Rest of the life one can live healthy by following up new lifestyle
  • More convenient and less invasive procedures.


  • Detailed life style consultation, dietary & exercise consultation
  • Whole body abhyang (massage)
  • Whole body steam therapy
  • Kati basti
  • Nasya therapy
  • Panchkarma therapy
  • Medicines
  • Shastisali pind svedan
  • 3 Sessions
  • 3 Sessions
  • 3 Sessions
  • 7 Sessions
  • Vaman & Virechan
  • For 2 month
  • 1 session

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